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IT Technicians

Training Deaf Learners

Dress Making

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We facilitate training of upcoming IT professionals in various fields through the Technical/Systems Support options for Technicians, System Administrators and Engineers and the Systems Development options for Programmers, Web Designers and Graphic Designers. Contact us for further details of training opportunities and dates.

We endevour to provide opportunities for young Deaf learners looking for a springboard to various careers such as in Information Technology through learnerships and other funded programs. Contact us for further details of training opportunities and dates.

We provide training for clothing process and dressmaking. Graduating learners are able to source for materials, cut, sew and produce garments. Tailors and dressmakers may run their own business, work from a small shop or out of their own homes. Retail stores, bridals stores and laundry shops also employ tailors to do alterations.

We facilitate online Maths and English for learners from Grade R to Grade 12 through practice questions, answers and related explanations. This learning is in line with the South African CAPS curriculum. With the current Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions, online learning has become more necessary to enable learners practice in their own free time and make up for lost classroom hours.