EDUCATE SA FOUNDATION was founded in March 2019 to address the skills development needs of previously disadvantaged communities. This need was realised as most could not readily access available learning opportunities as a result of their disadvantaged background. This destitute background was reflected both in low school results and lack of funding to access further learning. In effect, through a lack of access to oppotunities for skills development, a poor disadvantaged background was likely to create a poor disadvantaged future. To help mitigate against this situation, Educate SA Foundation was then founded primarily, to build bridges between these disadvantaged backgrounds and the dream of a successful sustainable future.


We utilise the services of accredited training providers, experienced in their various fields to provide sets of skills that will enable our beneficiaries to not only attain the capacity to make them employable but also empower them to pursue self-employment opportunities thus creating a livelihood for themselves and placing them in a position to create employment opportunities for others.


We depend on donations from corporates, government departments and other well wishers to fund our projects and make the change possible for our learners. 


If you would like to contact us, please fill the contact form available on this website. 




Brenda Seitisho


Sindiswa Mashao


Nompi Vilakazi


Alf Namodi

Program Manager

Our Core Team